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12 Dec

Vicente Fernandez Sings Again

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Mexican singer Vicente Fernández "Again" for being in the public taste with hislatest album and the backing of 45-year career.
"It's been 45 years of hard work where I have contributed to its distinction and applause, which greatly pleased me, I feed the soul and motivates me to followevery pains to record," said "Chente".
In a statement released Sony Music, his record label, the so called "CharroHuentitán" shares his current production, the second in the hands of his colleagueand friend, singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian.
"Every morning I like to bring joy to their hearts and I hope that 'again', meets that goal," the singer of "Jealousy".
Vicente Fernandez has been characterized by performing songs that touch the heart, that thrill and touch-sensitive fibers, this album is no exception.
The first single is a totally different subject, as well as being very rhythmic and danceable "Dormant volcanoes" has an unusual instrumentation and arrangements.
Fully convinced of the creativity and talent of Joan Sebastian as a composer andproducer, the performer has accepted for the first time to include electric guitars inhis theme, innovating in ranchera music and waiting again captivated the audience to like about his work and interpretation.
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