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12 Dec

Aerosmith's new album would go on sale in May 2012

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Few months ago that talked about Aerosmith and it seemed weird. After Joe Perryconfirmed that the formation of Boston was to go into the recording studio during the month of July and that producer Jack Douglas was chosen to record the album, we knew little of Aerosmith.
Aerosmith have been working since early July in the recording studio that Perry has in Boston. This will be his 14 th studio album and first since 2001 come out on the market Just Push Play.
Regarding the album, Douglas states that "the new album should be in the market on May 2012." "I know the wait is long, but the band is busy in October, November and December with a tour of South America and Japan. When they return back to work, I guess it will be mid-January, "says the producer.
The official site for Aerosmith you can see a video message from bassist TomHamilton in which he states that "for those who do not know Jack Douglas, he is the guy who produced our best albums of the 70s-Get Your Wings , Toys in the Attic andRocks. Nobody knows the soul and the creative part of this band as Jack. "
The bassist added that "we work with him on the 2004 album versions, but it was notour original material. Now is the time to record new songs from Aerosmith.
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