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05 Jan

Apple promises a battery that will last weeks

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The patent office of the United States have among his papers a new application from Apple that might trigger a jump in the use of technology. Battery is a much more durable and lightweight.
The prototype convert hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity, which would make the devices much lighter, but also much more economical. In fact, the gaseous fuel can be compressed better and allows you to load more in the same space.
"These fuel cells can achieve high energy densities, which can potentially allow the continued use of portable electronic devices for days or weeks without be recharged," he says in the halls of Apple.
Research into the battery of great interest within companies and also in people. A few days ago, Sony announced a paper prototype. And just as the Japanese giant, many others have the focus and the budgets of research there focused. I hope that 2012 will bring new concrete and not just great ideas.

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