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05 Jan

NASA may classify the stars with iPhone

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The company's manzanita still set foot on Earth, and now intends to stomp also in outer space. To collaborate with NASA, have developed Meter Encounter. This application, available on the App Store-to classify celestial bodies in the mobile.
As explained by Bill Cooke, a director of the Office of the space agency Meteorite, "with this application, all kinds of people can contribute to a real NASA research." The device takes a picture of the meteorite in question and it is analyzed by the app according to defined models and prototypes. This allows any user to capture and identify various types of celestial bodies.
The application allows you to catalog the bodies and work with NASA, and that "the data to provide the citizens will help us discover new meteor showers, find the trails of comets and map the distribution of meteoroids around the orbit dela Earth. "
The application is free and available for lovers of space in the AppStore.

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