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24 Jan

My personal opinion today Featured

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Edmundo Monroy Edmundo Monroy
I think SOPA is just the beginning of a journey that finally will bring to WORK together to all sectors:the right holders and the users Ip´s , in other words;intellectual property with technology companies (which today reject SOPA) , it has been a long time without starting a real shared effort to stop piracy in order to : inhibit and penalize piracy efficiently and w...ithout apparent collateral damage. The pbloblem now is that SOUP was designed and supported only by a few right holders organizations: Motion picture, RIAA (Phonografic Industry, NMPA (music publishers as), now they have to invite to participate in the projet-act to the technology companies (Google, FaceBook, Wikipedia, Tweeter, etc. ), they can (and must ) contribute with ideas, proposals , tools to complement the bill that effectively will protect intellectual property with the consensus of (almost) all involved participants...That´s way I welcome SOPA bill because is calling to all the sectors to contribute in the solutions.
I have been involved in Music business all my proffesional life I have seen how the music has been affected for piracy during long time, as Music Publisher I had to take actions against Physical Piracy: Police raids, audits, etc, all documented ( when I was president of Music Publishers associations EMMAC, FLADEM). That ´s way I celebreate today, SOPA as the fist formal step for finding strong and efficent solutions in the near future. Mark Suckerberg, Bill gates and others oponnets to SOPA are now obligated to participate in the solution. At the end of the day ..Good news!!

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